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The Water Machine vs. Zerowater

By Austin Armstrong February 13, 2021


The Water Machine vs Zerowater: Which one is the best for 2021?

The Water Machine is a state-of-the-art water purification system for consumers. To understand how great of an investment it is, one must compare it to other common household water filters. This page focuses on one of its competitors: Zerowater. Zerowater has several products that use the same filter. But after comparing its filter with The Water Machine, one product clearly stands out.

The Water Machine vs. Zerowater: What Contaminants Do They Remove?

To get specific information about these two products, we went directly to the companies. Zerowater does provide data on which contaminants it filters, and how much. They offer a number of products, including dispensers and pitchers. And although these products use one of three different kinds of filters, these filters only differ with respect to size.  The Water Machine uses a carbon fiber reverse gravity fed water filter and below is the data from that information.

 Filtration Efficiency (%)
Contaminant The Water Machine ZeroWater Filter
Flouride 99.9 91
Bacteria 99.9999 n/a
Coliform and e-Coli 99.9
Viruses 99.999
Lead 99.9 99
Arsenic 99.9 85
Iron 99.9 99.9
Mercury 99.9 91
Chlorine 99.9* 99
Trihalomethanes (THMs) 99.8* n/a
Chloramines 99.9* n/a
Pharmaceuticals 99.9*
Acetaminophen 99.9 n/a
Ibuprofen 99.9
Naproxen 99.9
Atenolol -
Carbamazepine 99.9
Meprobamate -
Phenytoin -
Trimethoprim 99.9
10 other drugs 99.9 n/a
Petroleum Contaminants 99.9*
Benzine -
Ethylbenzene - n/a***
VOCs 99.9* ***
Methylcyclohexane-Methane 99.9* n/a
P-Dichlorobenzene -
Tetrachloroethylene -
Bisphenol-A 99.9
4-para-Nonylphenol 99.9
Pesticides 99.9*
Endrin -
Carbon Tetrachloride -
Atrazine 99.9
Simazine -
Linuron -
Metolachlor -
Heavy Metals 99.1
Aluminum 99 n/a
Antimony 99.9 96
Barium 80


Beryllium 99.9 97
Bismuth 99.9 n/a
Cadmium 99.7
Cobalt 95 n/a
Chromium 99.9 n/a
Chromium-6 99.85 99
Copper 99.9 99.9
Iron 99.9 n/a
Molybdenum 90 n/a
Nickel 99.9 n/a
Vanadium 87.5 n/a
Zinc 99.9 99.9
Uranium 97 n/a
Gross Alpha Emitter 98.7 n/a



n/a - Manufacturer provided no percentage for what portion was removed

* The Water Machine reduced chemicals in these categories to undetectable levels. Although some of them were specifically tested for, none were found.

To understand these results: The figures for Zerowater came from a specific study in which prominent amounts of each contaminant were added to forty gallons of water, which was then poured through the filter 20 gallons at a time, and then tested. [Note: Although some of the metals and compounds included in Zerowater’s testing were not included in testing for The Water Machine, these substances were of comparable size to those filtered out by The Water Machine.] 

As you can see from this comparison, The Water Machine cleans your water at a molecular level. That’s because The Water Machine is a water purifier, not a filter. As such, The Water Machine cleanses impurities to a higher standard. In addition to toxic chemicals such as pesticides and petroleum compounds, The Water Machine removes dangerous pathogens (bacteria and viruses), and pharmaceuticals. Like most brand-name filters, Zerowater’s filter makes no significant claims about removing dangerous bacteria and viruses. That reason alone makes The Water Machine the winner in this comparison. 

Which system would you rather use to clean your tap water? Read this chart, and draw your own conclusion! The Water Machine speaks for itself!

Models and Costs

Cost Comparison: The Water Machine vs. Zerowater

The Water Machine​

The Water Machine 299.99
Replacement Filters 74.99



20-cup Water Filter Dispenser 19.99
Replacement Filters (6-pack) 19.64


How long do these two products’ filters last? It’s right here:

The Water Machine Dual Reverse Gravity Water Filters 6000 Gallons (approx. 11 years)*
Zerowater's Filter

20-25 Gallons (approx. 2 weeks)*

* assumes that owner(s) use 1.5 gallons/day

We’re not exaggerating! When you buy The Water Machine, it comes with one set of filters which will last 11 years before you replace them! If you want to use your Zerowater dispenser for 11 years, you’re gonna need to buy some replacement filters. 

How many replacement filters would you need to get to 11 years? Let’s assume that you have relatively clean tap water, and therefore we can use the more conservative estimate of 25 gallons per filter. That’s 4 filters to reach 100 gallons, 40 to reach 1000, and 240 to reach 6000, the same amount that The Water Machine can filter. Here’s how we will calculate the cost:

Zerowater 20-cup Dispenser $32.99
240 replacement filters (bought as 40 6-packs) $2799.60

By comparison, The Water Machine looks like this:

The Water Machine (includes 1 set of filters) 299.99


That’s a savings of $2532.60!! Remember, when you buy the Water Machine, you are getting a water purification system! Not a filter! Not only are you saving over $2500 in filter costs, you’re getting a much higher quality of filtration!

Besides this, do you really want to change your filter after every 25 gallons? Is that something you will remember to do? Do you really want to wait until your water begins to taste funny before you change it? By then, your filter is already not doing its job! You’ve already begun to drink contaminants! 

Pros and Cons


If you want a water filter that will remove some of the contaminants of your water, and you’re not looking to spend a lot of money up front, Zerowater can give you what you need. Just remember, your filter is only going to last you a little over two weeks before you need another one. And at around $12.50/filter, and 24 filters per year, that will run you about $300/year in filters. For that price, you can purchase The Water Machine!

The Water Machine

The Water Machine does have a significant upfront cost of $299.99. However, that price includes your first set of filters! As long as you take good care of them, they will filter about 6000 gallons. Once they are used up, you can get another set for $74.99. Or you can sign up four of your friends, and get the replacement filters for free!

In addition to saving a ton of money with The Water Machine, you can also give your family the highest quality of drinking water available without having to purchase jugs of water or buy industrial equipment. The Water Machine filters out toxins that most people don’t even realize is in their drinking water. And many of these toxins are downright scary. You’re better off drinking water poured from The Water Machine!

Which should I buy? Zerowater or The Water Machine?

No one can make your decision for you. Hopefully, at this point, you see the benefits of owning the world’s first, gravity-fed, consumer grade water purification system. There simply is no product in its class. This device is designed to keep your family healthy and energized, while keeping money in your pocket. We all need to stay hydrated and healthy. Today, you can be at your best with water from The Water Machine. Purchase The Water Machine today


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