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How to Assemble Your Water Machine

In this video, we're going to show you how to set up your water machine, prime and install the filters. First, this unit is made out of glass, so please handle each piece carefully. Before you assemble the unit, make sure to wash your hands. The glass chambers come pre-cleaned, but you can wipe off any dust with a damp paper towel. Remove the filters and prime them by turning your faucet water on slowly and placing the black rubber washer on top of the filter stem to create a seal, while pressing it up against the faucet. This pushes water molecules through the micro pores and removes any dust from manufacturing.

Remember to save this priming rubber washer. There are three rubber gasket rings; one that goes between the lid and the upper chamber, another between both chambers and the last one under the bottom chamber to protect against slipping. No tools are needed to install the spigot. It has beveled washers for each side of the glass and two protective metal rings that go on after the rubber washers. Hand-tighten the nut on the inside of the chamber. The spigot comes out of the box in the on position. Turn the spigot handle to the off position.

Screw in the filter elements into the top chamber with the stems facing down. The rubber washers stay close to the filter and the wingnut screw in from the underside of the top class chamber. Know that the filters will be dripping wet after just being primed. The top chamber fits upside down in the bottom chamber.

Do not overfill the upper chamber, as the water will leak out by the lid. Fill the water up below the fill line. Throw out the first filtered batch of water by draining it into a pitcher. It's a good idea to clean your filters once a year, or if you notice the water flow decreases.

This unit can be placed at the edge of a table or counter, or put on a short or long wooden stand, both sold on our website. Enjoy and happy drinking.

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