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The Water Machine vs Katadyn

By Austin Armstrong February 22, 2021

The Water Machine vs Katadyn: Which one is the best for 2021?

The Water Machine versus Katadyn

One of the best ways to understand a product’s value to consumers is to compare it to other products in the market. The Water Machine is a gravity-fed water purification system, and this page compares it to Katadyn, a Swiss product intended for on-the-spot filtration. By on-the-spot, we simply mean that it is portable and intended for use with water sources that you encounter without knowing their water quality.

The Water Machine vs. Katadyn: What Contaminants Do They Remove?

For this comparison, we first had to get specific product information, so we went to Katadyn’s website. Katadyn has a search feature that allows you to make selections based on your needs, and it responds by displaying those filters in their product line which meet those needs. So, to compare with The Water Machine, we sought a product with the following characteristics:

  • Serves 5 people
  • Daily usage
  • (Relatively) clean water source (e.g. municipal water supply)
  • For home use
  • Filters: Microorganisms, bad taste, and chemicals

Unfortunately, this search yielded no results. We changed the use requirement to three people, and still no results. Finally, we dropped chemicals from the list of things that the product filters. One match came back: The Katadyn Combi Filter. This is the filter we chose to compare The Water Machine to. The great thing about this filter is that it is portable, and thus can be used on most outdoor adventures. It also comes with an attachment to enable installation for home use. Being an outdoor filter, it can also be used with cloudy or dirty water, although these can cause it to clog.

 Filtration Efficiency (%)
Contaminant The Water Machine Katadyn Combi Filter
Flouride 99.9
Bacteria 99.9999 n/a**
Coliform and e-Coli 99.9
Viruses 99.999
Lead 99.9
Arsenic 99.9
Iron 99.9
Mercury 99.9 n/a
Chlorine 99.9*
Trihalomethanes (THMs) 99.8*
Chloramines 99.9* n/a
Pharmaceuticals 99.9*
Acetaminophen 99.9 n/a
Ibuprofen 99.9
Naproxen 99.9
Atenolol -
Carbamazepine 99.9
Meprobamate -
Phenytoin -
Trimethoprim 99.9
10 other drugs 99.9 n/a
Petroleum Contaminants 99.9*
Benzine -
Ethylbenzene -
VOCs 99.9* ***
Methylcyclohexane-Methane 99.9* n/a
P-Dichlorobenzene -
Tetrachloroethylene -
Bisphenol-A 99.9
4-para-Nonylphenol 99.9
Pesticides 99.9*
Endrin -
Carbon Tetrachloride -
Atrazine 99.9
Simazine -
Linuron -
Metolachlor -
Heavy Metals 99.1
Aluminum 99 n/a
Antimony 99.9
Barium 80


Beryllium 99.9
Bismuth 99.9 n/a
Cadmium 99.7
Cobalt 95 n/a
Chromium 99.9 n/a
Chromium-6 99.85
Copper 99.9
Iron 99.9 n/a
Molybdenum 90 n/a
Nickel 99.9 n/a
Vanadium 87.5 n/a
Zinc 99.9
Uranium 97 n/a
Gross Alpha Emitter 98.7 n/a

n/a - Manufacturer provided no percentage for what portion was removed

* The Water Machine reduced chemicals in these categories to undetectable levels. Although some of them were specifically tested for, none were found.

** Katadyn claims that it is “effective” at removing bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. While it does not provide data, it does claim to remove any pathogen larger than 0.2 microns, which includes all known bacteria, protozoans, and microbial cysts, but few viruses. 

Katadyn also claims to be “effective” at removing “chemicals” and “bad taste”. It does not provide detailed information about what these terms mean, or to what degree the Combi is “effective”. 

While Katadyn makes excellent charcoal filters (and outdoor filters in particular) The Water Machine is a water purification system. There is really no comparison here. The Water Machine takes out almost all of the dangerous chemicals in your water, as well as pathogens. 

In this heads-up comparison, The Water Machine wins hands down!

Cost Comparison: The Water Machine vs. Katadyn

The Water Machine​

The Water Machine 299.99
Replacement Filters 74.99



Katadyn Combi Filter 222.82
Replacement Charcoal Filter 19.00


How long do these two products’ filters last? It’s right here:

The Water Machine Dual Reverse Gravity Water Filters 6000 Gallons (approx. 11 years)*
Katadyn Combi Filter (Charcoal Replacement)

105.7 Gallons (approx. 10 weeks)*

* assumes that owner(s) use 1.5 gallons/day

Yes, you read that right. When you purchase The Water Machine, it comes with a set of carbon filters that last for about 6000 gallons before they must be replaced. That’s 11 years of purification! Although the ceramic Combi Filter will last for more than twice as long, the replaceable carbon filter inside is only good for about 105 gallons before it must be replaced. So you will need to purchase several to equal the longevity of The Water Machine.

How many replacement filters will you need? Well, to get 6000 gallons of filtration from carbon filters that only last for 105.7 gallons each, you will need to purchase 57 filters! (6000/105.669 = 56.7811) Because one carbon filter comes standard with the Combi Filter, you will need 56 more! Here’s the breakdown:

Katadyn Combi Filter 222.82
Replacement Charcoal Filters (56@ $19) $2799.60

By comparison, The Water Machine looks like this:

The Water Machine (includes 1 set of filters) 299.99

That’s right! If you purchase The Water Machine and use only the set of filters that comes standard with it, you will save a total of $986.83 !! And remember, the standard of purification is much higher than for a water filter. SO you’re not just saving almost a thousand dollars, you're enjoying a much higher quality of filtration!

Pros and Cons


Katadyn has succeeded in making one the best portable filtration systems in the world. The Combi filter can purify water anywhere you go, except the open ocean. However, it falls short of helping you where you need it most - in the home. For its utility and features, it is affordable, and $77 cheaper than The Water Machine. Unfortunately though, it will cost you just shy ofl $1000 to get the same longevity that you can get from purchasing The Water Machine.

The Water Machine

The Water Machine is a state-of-the-art, gravity-fed, water purification system. It does have a significant up-front cost of $299.99, and unlike Katadyn’s closest competition, the Combi filter, it does not leave the house. 

However, it is more affordable, as one set of filters will last for 11 years! And that’s 11 years of extremely efficient purification! You and your family will be able to rest easy, knowing that you can safely drink your municipal water. With The Water Machine, you will be able to confidently remove even trace amounts of toxic chemicals, heavy metals, pathogens (including viruses), and pharmaceuticals from the water you use to drink, cook, or take with you. 

Which should I buy? Katadyn or The Water Machine?

If you are planning a hike or other outdoor excursion, Katadyn’s Combi Filter is an excellent buy. But if you are interested in providing clean water to your household for drinking, cooking, or other tasks that require pure water, The Water Machine is your clear choice. The Water Machine is a great purchase if you are trying to save money, or enjoy a high standard of clean water. Purchase The Water Machine today, and don’t look back!


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