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Question: Does The Water Machine turn Water into Wine?

Answer: Sadly, no. Sorry. We have received many requests for this.

Question: What are the dimensions of The Water Machine?

Answer: 9 inches diameter, so it can fit on almost any countertop. 27 inches high, which includes the lid. The stand is 6 inches, so it is 33 inches high on the stand. 

Question:  Is it ok to put The Water Machine in the sunlight?

Answer:  Keep the water machine out of direct sunlight.  

Question: What is my upper or lower glass chamber have an imperfection?

Answer:  That is ok, each unit is made with a mold, but then hand crafted to perfection and is unique. Sometimes, that glass has a bubble, bump or smearing. As John Legend sings in his song, “All of Me” he loves his wife’s “perfect imperfections”. Embrace the uniqueness of your Water Machine

Question: How often should I clean the glass chambers?

Answer: Clean them with soap and water as needed, about once a year. Be careful! The glass chambers are delicate!

 Question: How long do the filters last?

Answer: A set of filters last 6,000 gallons, which is almost 11 years drinking 1.5 gallons a day.

Question: Can I use your Water Machine filters in my existing stainless steel chambers?

Answer: Why, yes, you can. They are the same size and dimensions and perform to the same specs by removing the same viruses, pathogens, bacteria, heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride and other contaminants from your drinking water.  

Question: Why are other black carbon filters on the market selling for $120 a pair and you sell yours for over 1/3 less? Is there a difference between them?

Answer: No, no difference. Same specs and performance. We just chose to sell ours for less. We sell directly to the customer and our prices do not have to support a dealer network that jacks up prices.  

Question: Do your filters increase alkalinity levels of water, like a Kangan?

Answer: Yes. By removing heavy metals and contaminants, our filters remove the acidity of water and increase the alkaline level – and you not need a $4,000 Kangan to do it! Yipee!

Question: How does The Water Machine compare to reverse osmosis devices?

Answer: Most people do not know that reverse osmosis REMOVES the minerals your body needs. It is essentially “dead” water that does not help your body like it truly needs. Our purification elements do not remove the minerals your body needs and keeps them in the water to hydrate your body with all of the essential minerals it needs from water. 

Question: Can I feed my pet monkey purified water from The Water Machine?

Answer: Yes, yes you can. You can also use this purified water for cooking, and for dogs, cats, birds, and even a pot belly pig if you have one. Wilbur, the pig from Charlotte's Web consumes our water daily and has given us the thumbs up.

Question: How does the water taste after it has been through your filters?

Answer: The water is tasteless! But we get the feedback from many customers that the water is “soft” and “smooth” and goes down easily. The best water on the planet!

Question: What is the shelf life of the filters?

Answer: As long as they are dry, forever

Question: How do I store my filters?

Answer: If storing them for a week or 2, put in a plastic baggy in the refrigerator, and be careful NOT to freeze them.  If storying for many weeks to months, dry out the filters completely, like on a window sill, where good airflow or sunlight gets to them. This takes several days. Then seal them in large, airtight sandwich bag.

Question: Will drinking purifier water from my Water Machine help me gain super powers?

Answer:  While drinking water from your Water Machine will not give you the ability to fly, it will give you the ability to hydrate your body with fresh, purified water, and thus improve your cognitive thinking ability.

Question: Some people pair white wine with fish, and red wine with meat. What does The Water Machine water pair with?


Question: How do I get a set of free filters?

Answer:  Tell your friends about The Water Machine, and to put your name in the “Who referred you” field on the checkout page.  In case they do not do this, you can send us an email with the 4 names of people you referred to us that got a Water Machine, and we will verify and send you a set!

Question: What if I refer more than 4 people?

Answer: Keep track of the people you refer. If you refer 200 people, we will send you on a trip to Hawaii for you and spouse. Flight, airfare and lodging are covered. A trip of a lifetime awaits! Oh, and if you like, we will get you on the local news with a story of how word of mouth advertising is the best form of growth for a company with a great product.

Question: What do your filters remove from water?

Answer: See the FAQ's tab to see the page on what contaminants our filters remove from water.  Bingo!

Question: What is your return policy?

Answer: If there is a defect in one of the pieces, it will be replaced at no charge. Authorized returns with an RMA# have a 15% restocking charge. Unauthorized returns with nothing wrong with the unit are charged $200.

Question: Can I change my mind after I have ordered and received my order?

Answer: No. We pay for shipping to you, and if you return an unopened box or refuse delivery, there is a 50% restocking fee and you will get refunded only 50% of your purchase. 

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