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The Water Machine vs Brita: Which one is the best in 2021

By Austin Armstrong February 04, 2021

The Water Machine vs Brita: Which one is the best in 2021

  Brita Water

For those of us who lead active, healthy lives, clean water is essential for our physical and emotional well-being. When our water is pure and free of toxins, it gives us energy, cleanses us of unwanted chemicals and waste, and enables all of our metabolic processes to function at peak efficiency. When we are properly hydrated, we have the power to take on any situation in our lives!

Unfortunately, many of us don’t have access to the best drinking water from our municipal water provider. Aware of this, many of us have resorted to purchasing bottled water from the grocery store, from companies who have little incentive to do any more than bottle regular tap water. You read that right! Most bottled water is simply bottled tap water! And if you are getting quality spring water from a native source, you’re going to pay even more for it.

Stop buying tap water from the grocery store! With a little homework, you can invest in a quality water filtration system that will go above and beyond what the retail water companies can sell you in a bottle. And for less money! The question is: “Which water filtration system should I purchase?” In this page, we compare The Water Machine with Brita, a leading consumer brand that makes pitchers and other containers with a water filter built in. After reading this comparison, we hope that you will see what we see: The Water Machine beats Brita every time!

The Need for Quality Drinking Water

For this comparison, we chose Brita’s Longlast filter. This filter is available with many of their products, and filters the incoming water as you fill the pitcher. We chose this filter because it has the best performance of any of the Brita’s filters, both with respect to filtration and longevity. 

The Water Machine vs. Brita: What Contaminants Do They Remove?

To compare the filtration efficiency of Brita and The Water Machine, we went directly to their companies. The Water Machine uses Berkey water filters, and Berkey provided the data for this performance comparison. Likewise, the information for Brita’s Longlast filter came from their website.

Here’s an item-by-item comparison of the two products:

 Filtration Efficiency (%)
Contaminant The Water Machine Brita Filter
Flouride 99.9 n/a
Bacteria 99.9999 n/a**
Coliform and e-Coli 99.9
Viruses 99.999
Lead 99.9 99.5/99.6
Arsenic 99.9 n/a
Iron 99.9 n/a
Mercury 99.9 99.5/99.9
Chlorine 99.9* 97.4
Trihalomethanes (THMs) 99.8* n/a
Chloramines 99.9* n/a
Pharmaceuticals 99.9*
Acetaminophen 99.9 n/a
Ibuprofen 99.9 94.9
Naproxen 99.9 96.4
Atenolol - 95
Carbamazepine 99.9 96
Meprobamate - 94
Phenytoin - 95
Trimethoprim 99.9 96
10 other drugs 99.9 n/a
Petroleum Contaminants
Benzine - 93.5
Ethylbenzene - 99
VOCs 99.9*
Methylcyclohexane-Methane 99.9* n/a
P-Dichlorobenzene - 98.2
Tetrachloroethylene - 96.1
Nonylphenols 93.5
Bisphenol-A 99.9 95.5
4-para-Nonylphenol 99.9
Pesticides 99.9*
Endrin - 98.7
Carbon Tetrachloride - 91.2
Atrazine 99.9 99.3
Simazine - 98.4
Linuron - 93
Metolachlor - 94
Heavy Metals 99.1
Aluminum 99 n/a
Antimony 99.9 n/a
Barium 80 n/a
Beryllium 99.9 n/a
Bismuth 99.9 n/a
Cadmium 99.7 96.9/99.2
Cobalt 95 n/a
Chromium 99.9 n/a
Chromium-6 99.85 n/a
Copper 99.9 n/a
Iron 99.9 n/a
Molybdenum 90 n/a
Nickel 99.9 n/a
Vanadium 87.5 n/a
Zinc 99.9 n/a
Uranium 97 n/a
Gross Alpha Emitter 98.7 n/a



n/a - Manufacturer provided no percentage for what portion was filtered out

* The Water Machine reduced chemicals in these categories to undetectable levels. Although some of them were specifically tested for, none were found.

** Brita puts a disclaimer on their website stipulating that one should not put water into the filter that is known to be at risk of contamination from pathogens.



As you can see from this chart, The Water Machine purifies water at a molecular level. Unlike Brita, The Water Machine is not a filter; it is a water purification system. It has the capacity to pull out all varieties of toxic chemicals from the water, as well as heavy metals and pathogens. If you are choosing a water product based on how well it cleans the water, there is no comparison! The Water Machine is the best!

The Water Machine 299.99
Replacement Filters 74.99
Soho (w/ Longlast Filter) 29.99
Monterey (w/ Longlast Filter) 39.99
Ultramax Dispenser (w/ Longlast Filter) 44.99
Grand 32.99
Other Pitchers 19.99 and up
Longlast Replacement Filter 16.99
Longlast Replacement Filter (2-pack) 32.99


Brita makes a variety of pitchers and dispensers that are compatible with their Longlast filter. Some come with the filter, some do not. 

Now then, let’s see how long these two brands’ filters last:

The Water Machine dual filter
6000 Gallons (approx. 11 years)*
Brita’s Longlast Filter
120 Gallons (approx. 2.6 months)*

* assumes that owner(s) use 1.5 gallons/day

You read that correctly! When you first purchase The Water Machine, one set of filters comes included which will last for 11 years! To use your Brita device for 11 years, you would need to purchase 50 filters! Here’s the cost breakdown:

Brita Soho (includes 1 Longlast Filter) 29.99
48 replacement filters (bought as 24 pairs) 791.76
1 more replacement filter 16.99
TL 838.74



By comparison, The Water Machine looks like this:

The Water Machine (includes 1 set of filters) $299.99


That’s a savings of $538.75 !! For a water filtration system that outperforms Brita’s best product! You just can’t beat it! 

Pros and Cons of each Water Filter System

Brita (Longlast Filter)

Brita does indeed make a product that you can get your hands on for less than $50. If what you want is a pitcher that houses a replaceable filter which will filter your water for a few months, and reduce your exposure to certain chemicals, you can get a product for as little as $30.

However, if you want to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations with regard to replacing your filter regularly, you will need a new filter every 80 days. That’s an additional $51 for year one, and $66 more in year two. Keep in mind, that’s if you’re purchasing Brita’s best filter. Brita can’t remove all of the dangerous contaminants that The Water Machine can! 

The Water Machine

The only downside to getting the Water Machine is the upfront cost. However, when you do a little math, you realize that this cost will be spread out over 11 years. The Water machine will last much longer; all you need to go past 6000 gallons is a set of replacement filters. And you can get those for free just by referring 4 customers! 

The Water Machine does a much better job of removing contaminants from your water. Heavy metals! Bacteria and viruses! Petroleum, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The Water Machine reduces most of these to undetectable levels! And those left behind are at miniscule levels.

Which should I buy? Brita or The Water Machine?

In this side-by-side comparison, there is really nothing to consider! The Water Machine is a gravity-fed water purification system, not a filter. Its carbon filter removes all kinds of dangerous toxins and pathogens from your tap water, saving you the hundreds of dollars you would otherwise spend on replacement filters with Brita. And those filters don’t even filter your water completely! 

Get a product you can rely on; one that lasts for years with minimal maintenance. Get the Water Machine, and don’t look back!


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