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What is Water Purification

By Austin Armstrong January 15, 2021

What is Water Purification?

Water purification is the process of removing contaminants from water. Such contaminants can include undesirable chemical compounds or toxins, organic or inorganic material, or biological material. To purify water, this process will remove suspended particles, dissolved chemicals, and organisms such as bacteria, parasites, viruses, fungi, and algae. To perform this operation, a system is required that will deliver or contain the impure water, pass it through the purification mechanism, and contain or deliver the purified water afterward.

What is the Difference between Filtered and Purified Water Systems?

A water filter is a device that uses various media within it to attract contaminants and trap them. For untreated water, they are essential as a first step of purification, as they will catch everything from sediment, rust, algae, bacteria, or dangerous chemical compounds, whether they are dissolved or suspended in the incoming water. Water filters can include micronized mesh for catching small particles, mineral salts for trapping chlorine, water-soluble metals, bacteria and algae, as well as activated carbon for trapping chemicals such as pesticides and other toxins.

A water purifier provides an extra layer of protection beyond what a filter can provide. Because a filter works by restricting elements by size, or by attracting them chemically, there will still be some particles small enough to slip through the system. However a water purifier will use either distillation or reverse osmosis to catch those last remaining particles or chemicals. Distillation is the process of boiling water through a system designed to catch it and condense it at the other end, leaving behind all impurities and chemicals. Reverse osmosis involves passing filtered water through a semipermeable membrane, which will catch all of the remaining contaminants while allowing fresh water to collect on the other side.

The Benefits of Drinking Purified Water

Purified water offers many benefits not offered by conventional filtration. If you are deciding between purchasing a water filter and a water purification system, read this section. The difference provided by an extra level of purification may be difficult to detect if you have a good filter. But it absolutely makes a difference in your health and in how you feel.

No Pathogens

Assuming your purification system is operating properly, it is impossible to get sick from drinking purified water. Purification will catch any pathogen, no matter how small. Viruses are approximately 100 nanometers across (roughly one one hundred thousandth of a centimeter) and are the smallest common pathogens. And although they are small enough to pass through most filters, they will become trapped by a water purification system.

Protection from Miscellaneous Chemicals

Oddly enough, municipal water systems frequently get polluted by trace amounts of random chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides, prescription medications and fuels, as well as chemical additives such as fluoride and chlorine. While activated charcoal can catch many of these compounds, a water purification system will catch the rest. Thus, purified water gives you healthy, functional cells and organs, and enables your body to eliminate toxins and heal from damage more easily.

Improved Weight Loss, Metabolism, and Energy

Pure drinking water asks less of your body to consume. With no contaminants to account for, the body puts that water to use improving all of the functions that depend on water. Digestion improves. Your immune system improves. Your liver detoxifies your body more effectively. Cognitive function improves. All of this points to increased efficiency, which means better metabolism, and more energy. The more energy you have, the more calories you can burn. Staying hydrated also means purging your system of chemicals that cause you to crave food and sugar - the enemies of your weight loss goals.

Healthy Skin

Clean, pure water is essential for maintaining healthy skin. With proper hydration, your skin can replace damaged cells and protect itself from radiation and other contaminants. What better way to stay hydrated than to drink water free of toxins?

Purified Water versus the Alternatives

There are several types of “clean” water. In this section, we evaluate the differences between purified water and each one. In each case, you will learn that purified water provides superior health benefits.

Distilled Water

Distillation is one kind of purification, as mentioned above. Distillation does leave behind all toxins and chemicals. But what about purchasing “distilled water” at your local supermarket? Actually, distilled water from the store can contain chemicals that have a lower boiling point than water. Thus, when the water is distilled, those chemicals turn into a gas as well, and pass through the same system as the water vapor, collecting in the same container at the opposite end. To avoid these contaminants, one must use a purification system that accounts for such chemicals.

Alkaline Water

Many people have touted the benefits of drinking alkaline water; studies have indeed shown that alkaline water can improve your body’s pH balance. Created via a process called electrolysis, alkaline water binds more effectively with those elements that make our bodies more acidic, making them stable and easier to eliminate. Electrolysis focuses on alkalizing water, not on purification. As such, those systems may still allow contaminants of various forms unless they combine it with a filter or purification system. 

Spring Water

The advantage of spring water is that it is untainted by human activity. So long as the collection location is at an aquifer upstream from anything significantly toxic, you are getting water that has been filtered by nature and contains naturally occurring levels of minerals and other nutrients. The downside of course is that there are no guarantees of safety. Unless the company collecting it passes it through another layer of filtration or purification, you are getting water as it occurs in nature. There is considerable risk of viral contamination, bacteria, or parasites. Although sickness might be rare, it is still present. 

Introducing the Water Machine

If you are seeking the healthiest water for your home and busy lifestyle, look no further than the Water Machine. We offer state-of-the-art purification to produce water that will lay to rest all of your fears and concerns about purity. If drinking pure water and providing it for your family is your priority, then call us today. We’ll be happy to share our products with you and tell you our story. Your health and well being are something you won’t wish to compromise on. Choose the best possible water for you and your loved ones; choose the Water Machine.

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