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Removing impurities from your water is crucial to its drinkability - the most important part of water purification is that it provides the user with clean, pure, drinkable water. Water purification removes or reduces a variety of contaminants including algae, bacteria, chemical compounds, heavy metals, organic and inorganic compounds, particles and parasites. So, how do we get rid of the impurities in our water? Water treatment is not just conducted on a grand scale in our cities and townships, there are also water filtration systems you can buy for use right in your home. These filtration systems provide an added level of security to ensure that your drinking water is safe and drinkable - as it should be. 

In this article we will discuss the importance of removing impurities from your drinking water and the role clean, purified drinking water has on different aspects of your life. In addition to talking about the added security water filtration devices provide, here’s an outline of what we'll cover: 

  1. Why filtered water tastes better and costs less than expensive bottled water. 
  2. Why water purification is better for your health and skin than drinking unfiltered tap water. 

Importance of Water Filtration and Purification

Choosing the right water filtration system for your home will greatly reduce the contaminants in your drinking water. We know that developing countries often face issues when it comes to potable drinking water - but what we don’t realize is that communities in Europe and the US deal with this same issue today. At-home water filtration systems work to ensure that your water is the purest, best tasting water it can be. Let’s talk more about the added level of security water filtration devices provide us with: 

Add an extra layer of security

Municipal water systems can be effective at catching contaminants before they get into our water supply but they are by no means infallible. These water facilities may not have systems in place to protect your water during times of extreme rainfall, when their systems are working at maximum capacity. In addition, they can’t always protect pesticides, pollutants or the residue from old pipes from leaking into your water supply. This is what is so beneficial about the added layer of security at-home water filtration devices provide.  

Remove unwanted contaminants 

Chlorine and Chloramines are some of the most unwanted contaminants found in our tap water. Chloramines are created when ammonia and chlorine are used to treat water. Municipal water facilities often actually use these contaminants to get rid of bacteria and microorganisms in water - and when you don’t have a reliable water filtration device these impurities make their way into your drinking water simply by turning on the faucet. We’ll talk more about the importance of reducing chlorine levels in your drinking water next: 

Reduce chlorine levels

Chlorine-containing drinking water is thought to cause an array of different health problems. Use of a water filtration device may reduce the risk of health issues that stem from this type of impure water. This includes: asthma, certain cancers and cardiovascular disease. Clean drinking water can improve your health and overall life. Let’s talk more about protecting your health next:

Protect your health

Because our bodies are composed mostly of water - roughly 60% - poor drinking water quality can have an adverse effect on our health. Drinking clean, pure water helps to flush toxins out of our bodies and helps with digestion; without it we feel sluggish, bloated, dehydrated. Also, water containing bacteria and viruses can cause nasty health ailments including diarrea, dysentery and cholera. Impurities in drinking water are also linked to cardiovascular disease, certain cancers and more. We’ll continue talking about the medical conditions linked to contaminated water next. 

Reduce risk of medical conditions

When toxic contaminants and chemicals find their way into your water supply, they can cause a variety of different medical conditions, including cancer. Purifying your water the correct way will reduce your risk of these medical conditions. Below, we’ll outline some of these known medical concerns: 

  • It is now known that chlorine in your water supply is linked to certain cancers including bladder, rectal and colon cancer. 
  • You can reduce your risk of gastrointestinal disease by removing the following nasty bacterias from your water supply: e-coli, giardia and cryptosporidium.
  • Lastly, healthy water improves immunity in children - keeping your child healthy during their youngest years will more likely keep them healthy throughout their lives. 

Skin Problems

Toxic contaminants in tap water can cause skin problems, whether the water is ingested or not. When water has any of the following contaminants your skin can become irritated: bacteria, arsenic, chlorine, magnesium, pesticides, or chromium 6. 

Also, drinking fresh, clean water has an array of benefits for your skin. Here are just a few: 

  1. Drinking alkaline water will improve your skin’s PH, contributing to an overall healthy glow. 
  2. It promotes skin elasticity.
  3. It lessens the signs of aging, like wrinkles and soft lines.
  4. Drinking filtered water flushes out toxins, which can lead to less pimples and acne. 

Improve the taste and odor of your drinking water

Have you ever turned on your tap and smelled rotten eggs? Or taken a drink of tap water and noticed a metallic taste? Unpleasant smelling water can be a result of hydrogen sulfide gas in your water among other things; and a metallic taste could be caused by iron or manganese in your water. Both of these common problems can be solved with an efficient water filtration device. Let’s discuss how water filtration improves the taste of your drinking water: 

Improve flavor 

Filtered water usually tastes better than tap water. Another big contributor to bad tasting tap water is the presence of heavy metals. When your tap water smells bad, heavy metals are sometimes responsible for that too. Most efficient water filtration devices will remove heavy metals from your drinking water. But heavy metals aren’t the only culprit. There are a ton of different contaminants that make your water taste or smell bad, like zinc, chlorine and hydrogen sulfide. The best way to get them out is to use a quality, efficient filter - a good water filtration system will improve the quality of your water, both taste and smell. 

Introducing The Water Machine 

The Water Machine is a state of the art activated carbon water filter with a sleek, stylish, all-glass design. It’s the world’s most eco-friendly water filter. Say goodbye to expensive plastic water bottles - and the environmental havoc the wreak - and say ‘hello’ to The Water Machine. 

The Water Machine is incredibly efficient, eliminating 99.999% of contaminants like viruses, pesticides, fluoride and others. It lasts up to 6,000 gallons - or up to 10 years. Plus, The Water Machine filters are some of the least expensive on the market and they can last a long, long time. 

To purchase The Water Machine, please click here.

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