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The Water Machine vs Aquatru

By Austin Armstrong March 03, 2021

The Water Machine vs Aquatru: Which one is the best for 2021?


If you are wondering which product to purchase to provide clean water for your household, you will have to compare how they perform. If you are considering a product that cannot filter out the normal contaminants in your water supply, then you’re wasting your money. The Water Machine is not a water filter; it is a state-of-the-art water purification system that is now available to consumers. Today, we will compare it to another water purifier made by Aquatru. After comparing the two products, we are confident that you will see how The Water Machine beats Aquatru in both price and water quality.

The Water Machine vs. Aquatru: What Contaminants Do They Remove?

Both Aquatru and The Water Machine have specific performance-related data on their respective websites. For this side-by-side comparison, we simply imported that data here. Unlike many commercial water filters, Aquatru actually does list percentages for each removed contaminant, so as a consumer, you really can get a strong sense of how these two products compare.

n/a - Manufacturer provided no percentage for what portion was removed

* The Water Machine reduced chemicals in these categories to undetectable levels. Although some of them were specifically tested for, none were found.

The Results

Let’s evaluate these results. Aquatru does a good job of filtering out a large number of contaminants. Their website identifies 83 different contaminants that their product can remove. However, one must take into account how these contaminants are classified.


The vast majority of the contaminants that Aquatru gives a percentage for with respect to filter efficiency are in two categories: Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and pesticides. Many of these contaminants are no longer in use, having been discontinued decades earlier. Many of them are similar to others in the list, and thus one can expect that if Aquatru can filter one compound, it can also remove all similar compounds with roughly the same efficiency.

In other words, Aquatru can “pad its list” with several similar chemicals which are removed by its filter system. Meanwhile, some categories of compounds are curiously missing from its list. What about iron? Or Mercury? Several heavy metals are not included on their list. 

The Water Machine removes entire categories of chemicals, purifying your water from petroleum products, pesticides, VOCs, pharmaceuticals, chloramines, trihalomethanes, and others, reducing them to levels that are too low to register on a purity test. This level of purity is rare among consumer-grade devices. Aquatru, by contrast, removes different chemicals to different degrees. Although it claims to be a water purification system, it falls way short in this side-by-side comparison.


The Water Machine does not claim to remove microbial cysts, as Aquatru does. However, it does remove 99.999% of all viruses, and viruses are about 1/100 the size of the most common microbial cysts. The three microbial cysts named by Aquatru (Giardia lamblia, Entamoeba histolytica and Cryptosporidium) are about the same size as bacteria (4-10 microns), and The Water Machine removes 99.9999999% of all bacteria. 

Aquatru is certified to filter 99.99% of the aforementioned microbial cysts . However, it makes no claims about bacteria or viruses on its website. That’s not a good sign; protecting your family from water-born pathogens is one of the key reasons why you want to purchase a water purification system, especially if you intend to pay top dollar.

In Conclusion

Whether you are talking about removing microbes, pesticides, heavy metals, or water treatment chemicals, choose the product that will put your mind at ease when it comes to protecting your health. After looking down this list of chemicals, one product stands out. That product is The Water Machine!

Models and Costs

Cost Comparison: The Water Machine vs. Aquatru

Let’s look at these numbers more closely!

When you purchase The Water Machine, it comes with a set of carbon filters that last for approximately 11 years. That’s 6000 gallons of drinking water before you have to buy replacement filters! You will have some minor maintenance once in a while, but at no extra charge! 

Aquatru, on the other hand, requires you to change filters fairly often. The Aquatru system requires three filters to function effectively: 1) The pre-carbon filter, 2) the reverse osmosis filter, and 3) the carbon filter. The pre-carbon filter will process about 300 gallons before replacement. The reverse osmosis filter will process about 1200, and the carbon filter will process about 600 gallons. That means if you want 1200 gallons of water, you will need 4 pre-carbon, 2 carbon, and 1 reverse osmosis. That’s 7 filters!

Fortunately, the system is designed to overlap these filters’ life cycles evenly, so that you will replace them at halfway points like this. However, if you want 6000 gallons of water, how many filters will you need to purchase? Fortunately, the Countertop Water Purifier comes with a complete set of filters. So you will need four 2-year combination packs, plus 3 more pre-carbon, and 1 more carbon filter to round out another 2-year set. Here’s what your shopping cart will look like:

When you purchase The Water Machine, you’re saving $875.21 !! For the same amount of purified water! Not only are you saving over $1100 in filter costs, you’re getting a much higher quality of filtration! If you’re trying to save money on your new water purification system, there is one clear choice in this comparison: Buy The Water Machine and don’t look back!

Pros and Cons


Aquatru has succeeded in making a countertop water purifier that utilizes three components in an effective system: pre-carbon, carbon, and reverse osmosis. These components will remove a number of different impurities at a specific percentage, and the percentage is high when compared to most water filters out there on the market. However, the system is expensive, especially over the long term. And for the price, it just doesn’t provide the quality of water that is ideal for home use. 

The Water Machine

The Water Machine beats Aquatru both with respect to short-term costs and long-term replacement filter costs. And quite honestly, it purifies water at a much higher standard than Aquatru’s countertop system does. Both systems are long-term investments. Aquatru requires electricity to operate, while The Water Machine is gravity-fed. The Water Machine has a large glass interior with fewer moving parts, and is much easier to clean. Honestly, we couldn’t find an area where Aquatru outperforms The Water Machine!

Which should I buy? Aquatru or The Water Machine?

At this point, hopefully The Water Machine has stated its case. If you are willing to spend $300 on a water purification system, then you will want that system to last for several years without seeing any reduction in quality. And you will want a system that can remove bacteria and viruses, as well as the broadest possible spectrum of toxins and chemicals that are found in municipal water today. At this point, we believe that the choice is obvious: We choose The Water Machine!

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