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Which Gravity Filter is Best in 2021?

By Austin Armstrong July 01, 2021

Berkey vs Alexapure vs The Water Machine 

Finding the best water filtration system to meet your drinking water needs can be a challenge - there are so many different systems on the market and most of them look and perform very similarly. In this comparison we are going to take a look at three water filtration systems:

What do all three of these systems have in common? 

They are all gravity filters, meaning they filter water by using gravity’s pull to purify. While Berkey and Alexapure are stainless steel and look similar on the outside, The Water Machine is made of clear, hammered glass - a sleek, simple design where you can see the water being purified right in front of your eyes. 

Now, we’ll compare the filters based on their performance, look into the costs of the systems and their filters and lastly, outline the pros and cons of each system. In the end we hope you have a better idea of which system will work better for you and your family. 

Filter comparison 

Berkey Filters

Berkey’s filters, known as Black Berkey elements, are composed of six different materials that unite to create millions of miniscule pores in a process known as microfiltration. Berkey uses microfiltration and absorption to filter water into a basin below. How it works: Tap water is filtered when it’s poured into the top chamber, traveling down to the filters (and ultimately into the chamber’s bottom). Next, the water gets filtered through, while contaminants and impurities get caught in the filter media.

Berkey water machines come with two initial filters. 

Alexapure Filters

The Alexapure filtration system is much the same as Berkey’s: it too has a dual chamber and it too is propelled by gravity - and, again, the stainless steel outsides are very similar as well. Contaminants are removed once the water goes through an activated carbon filtration system - with clean, purified drinking water coming out the other end. 

Alexapure water machines come with one initial filter. 

The Water Machine Filters

The Water Machine’s filters cost less and last longer than Berkey or Alexapure. The Water Machine comes with two filters that last up to 6000 gallons - plus, they can be cleaned yearly to improve their life and get them lasting even longer. Above and beyond the filters, it’s estimated that The Water Machine system can last 11 years with an average daily use of 1.5 gallons of purified water. The Water Machine filters remove acidity in the water, making the water more alkaline - at a much lower price point than the average alkaline water device. 

What contaminants do they remove?

Berkey and Alexapure

Berkey and Alexapure generally filter out the same contaminants. Both Berkey and Alexapure water filtration devices were tested by independent laboratories who found the filtration systems remove over 200 different kinds and variations of impurities and contaminants. Both systems remove heavy metals, chemical contaminants, pharmaceuticals, bacterias and viruses. 

The Water Machine

The Water Machine produces 99% bacteria-free water. In addition to the 200 different kinds and variations of impurities and contaminants that Berkey and Alexapure filter out, The Water Machine also gets rid of viruses, parasites, heavy metals, petroleum contaminants, chlorine and fluoride. In addition, The Water Machine’s filters remove herbicides and pesticides as well as pharmaceuticals.  

Performance comparison


The Berkey filtration system comes in different sizes, which is a plus. Although it is more expensive than The Water Machine and Alexapure, it is just as good in quality and production. 


Alexapure costs less but doesn’t last as long as Berkey or The Water Machine - only 5,000 gallons. Also, Alexapure comes with only one filter but has room for up to four filters. 

The Water Machine 

The Water Machine is the first all-glass gravity machine in existence - this feature alone adds to the machine’s performance because you can watch as your water is being filtered. Berkey and Alexapure do not have this feature as both are stainless steel machines. Also, The Water Machine’s filters cost less and last for longer. 

Filter lifespan and replacement costs


Any Berkey system comes with two filter replacements. The whole setup (complete with the two filters) costs anywhere from $250 to $360. Berkey filter replacements cost $120 for a set of two. It is estimated that these filters will last four years - as the two filters can last for a total of 6,000 gallons. 


The Alexapure device costs a total of about $270 for the full system - this includes the filter shell and gravity cartridge. Alexapure only comes with one filter and it costs $120 and lasts 5,000 gallons. The system will last for about three years without having to replace anything. 

The Water Machine 

The Water Machine is normally $350 but right now you can get it for $299. The whole machine can last you up to 11 years when using 1.5 gallons of water a day. The biggest cost savings on this machine is the filters. The machine comes with two filters, which can be replaced for $74.99 per pair - plus the filters can be cleaned once a year to make them last longer. In fact, if the filters are kept dry they can last a very, very long time. The reason the filters are so much less expensive than the competition is because The Water Machine sells directly to customers - cutting out the middle men who take out a big chunk of the pie. 

Pros and Cons of Berkey vs Alexapure vs The Water Machine


Berkey has gotten a few random customer complaints concerning a rubber taste in the drinking water. This rubber component can be replaced with silicone to remove the bad taste. Also, some customers have written on forums to complain that their Berkey system is rusting but this is curious because steel does not rust. 


A drawback of Alexapure is that it only comes in one standard size. Also, customers have complained about the speed of the Alexapure system, saying that the system works at too slow of a pace when used with one filter. The Alexapure system can actually work with up to four filters but only one filter is sent with the new system. 

The Water Machine 

The Water Machine is different from Berkey and Alexapure: different in its design, different in its price and different in its efficiency. Not only is The Water Machine a unique looking water filtration device, it is also less expensive than the competition. Furthermore, The Water Machine is able to filter out 99% of bacteria, making the system an eco-friendly, visually pleasing alternative in the world of water filtration devices.

Purchase The Water Machine for your home or business today!

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